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Registration Procedures:

Before enrolling at Packinghouse Christian Academy, it is important to pray for God’s guidance, considering the responsibilities. It is important to have unity of mind concerning the school’s philosophies and spiritual standards; be committed to the Lord’s will for your child, and be actively involved in the student’s education both at school and at home. It is the policy and practice of Packinghouse Christian Academy not  to discriminate on the basis of the applicant’s race, color, sex, disability, national or ethnic origin.

How to apply:

  1. Submit an application, pastoral referral, teacher or administrative referral, registration fees, a current report card, birth certificate and an up to date immunization record to the school office. Only completed packets will be accepted.

  2. You will be contacted to schedule a time for the placement test and administrative interview.

  3. Upon being accepted, complete information requested in the enrollment packet and return the forms to the school office.

  4. Make the first tuition payment by June 15th or at time of acceptance.

  5. Attend orientation in September with your student.

Click below to download our application packet!

Click below to read about tuition information and fees!

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